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It's more than just money

About Us

The company was created from humble beginnings, slowly making waves in the digital asset investment sphere. The company is headed by two entrupreaners with the same vision…Generosity. The company was started some years ago, but we decided to make it official in December 2021. With the focus on the Crypto market.  


Our Live Crypto Results

Theses are the coins we invest in. This chart is live and shows the top performing coins in the last 24 hours. We only invest once proper research has been done.  Investment in these coins are not done in a rush. We spend hours and days sometime researching the next coin to invest in. We are spot traders. We do not use leverage. We buy the coin on the investors behalf, and sell once profitable.

All funds are spread across may different coins,  IDO’s and Crypto projects. We do not put investors funds all in one coin. This would be reckless.

Our results and reviews speak for themselves. 

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