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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not been in touch with an investment manager as yet, we would suggest you pop an email to and express interest in this platform and get advice as to where you should start. 
We can however detail it here.

1. You would need to register at Binance.
2. Verify your account by uploading the documents they need.
3. Create a USDT Wallet address. Instructions here
4. Fund your crypto account via credit card / P2P trading choosing to buy USDT
5. Fill out the disclaimer form and EVERYTHING on it, it will then lead you to a registration page. Please fill this out, so you can receive monthly investment statements
6. Invest the USDT you have bought in Binance to the investment address on the disclaimer document using the TRX 20 Network.
7. You will then get an email notification when your deposit has successfully been invested.

Withdrawing your capital is permissible, but it needs to be subjected to a weeks notice. Your Capital + Profit will be paid to your wallet address on record.

As this is a Crypto Investment, it is not regulated by any financial services provider. We are therefore not registered, and do not need to be registered at the present moment.

We use a number of exchanges, depending on which coin, IDO, ICO or Crypto project we ape into. However you would register on Binance and then buy USDT, and invest it into the investment address provided for on the disclaimer.

Please could you click on HERE, so that you can register with the exchange.

Please hop on to the online chat platform we have on this website, or you can email and someone will give you a call and help you fund your account and invest.

If you have filled out your disclaimer document, registered and verified at binance, funded your account and now need to register to receive your monthly statement of investment. Please click here to register.

No, as your investment is in different coins, IDO’s, ICO’s and Crypto Projects, you will not be able to watch it live. As we are spot traders, we buy single coins, wait for them to increase in the short terms and then sell them. Then move onto the next coin.

High risk investments carry a lot of risk. We do however have methods and measures in place to safe guard your capital. We are currently working on an insurance fund, whereby we would personally guarantee a % of your capital should anything happen. We will update our investors on this in the near future.

Yes we have many projects and investments in the Crypto Market that we as a company have invested in. We use the same research when buying into coins, IDO’s , ICO’s and Crypto projects that we would place our investors funds on.

 At this time we are not reporting this information to any tax authority. You will need to report it yourself.

Customers are required to disclose and pay any necessary taxes associated with profits made after capital investment. The triggering of a tax liability and/or reporting obligation will depend on your tax residency, the nature of the income/gains and potentially the amount. We recommend you seek tax advice if you are unclear on the implications of a specific transaction.

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